ZBM Compact

ZBM Compact: processing and printing small (IV-bags) bags.

Do you wish to print small, transparent bags, paper bags and drip bags quickly and favorably? With the mobile ZBM-Compact you prevent odd lots and unnecessary stock. The flexible machine has a small format and prints and processes bags with a speed of up to 1,500 bags per minute with a size of 300x400 mm. The ZBM-Compact provides your package with a personal design, unique codes and logos in various colors.

Various printing techniques

Various printing techniques are possible with the ZBM-Compact. Whether you want to use the machine for IV bags or sheet/film bags, the ZBM-Compact makes it possible. Bomers Engineering builds the machine tailor-made, attuned to your package and print request. Both a small and a large number of print runs are suitable for the ZBM-Compact.

Your benefits:

• Low costs per print
• Maximum flexibility in print
• Not a large stock of printed bags
• Short changing period of time
• Small customer specific runs
• Look at how the machine works

Do you have any questions about or interest in the ZBM-Compact Please look at the flyer or contact us.