The client specific components for the machines are manufactured by Bomers Engineering at their own location. After assembly we test the machines and then ship them to you. During the final phase we test the machine at your premises and we hand the machine over when it is completely operational.

We offer you the following services:

  • One year guarantee on the machines
  • Service at location and from a distance
  • Maintenance contract or a frequency card
  • Training of your employees

Maintenance and malfunctions

A standstill due to malfunctions or maintenance is not convenient for you. Our machines have been attuned in such a way that any malfunctions and maintenance are minimized. Moreover, the machines use proven quality components which are available around the world.

Maintenance contract for the machines

Bomers Engineering provides you with operational support. Another option is to close a maintenance contract or purchase a frequency card for working hours at a reduced rate. Usually we can answer questions and resolve malfunctions from a distance because we are able to log on online. If required we will visit the location.

Successful machines

Bomers Engineering has more than proven the quality of its machines over the years The machines run successfully all over the world. Would you like to know more about the machines? Please contact us.