Customised prints for bags

Bomers Engineering offers a choice of three types of machines according to your application and bag sizes. Modern technology enables the integration of various print and processing technologies. This enables you to digitally print individual designs, texts and logos on the bags, and manual processing of bags is no longer required.

Would you like to know more?

Bomers Engineering looks for solutions together with you so as to atomize and optimise your production process. Our experience and engineering enables us to achieve a high degree of reliability, speed and accuracy. Would you like to know more about the options for processing your bags yourself? Please contact us.

Advantages of our bag printing machines:

  • High speed digital printing and processing of bags in any required quantity
  • Printed text, logos, barcodes and batch information
  • Printing in small batches is also possible
  • Reduction in cost and stocked printed bags
  • Fast production process
  • Automation of labour intensive actions 
  • Tracking & tracing solutions