Bomers Engineering manufactures the customer-specific elements for the machines at its own location. After assembly, we test the machines then transport them to you. In the final phase, we test the machine on your premises and only hand it over when it is fully operational.

We offer the following service:

  • One-year warranty on the machines
  • On-site and remote service
  • Maintenance contract or subscription
  • Training for your employees

Maintenance and faults

Downtime due to breakdowns or maintenance work is not desirable for you. Our machines are tuned in such a way that any breakdowns and maintenance are reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the machines contain proven high-quality components that are available all over the world.

Machinery maintenance contract

Bomers Engineering will support you operationally. It is also possible to take out a maintenance contract or purchase a subscription for working hours at a reduced rate. We can usually resolve questions and malfunctions remotely as we can log in online. If necessary, we arrive on location.

Successful machines

Bomers Engineering has amply demonstrated its quality with these machines in recent years. The machines operate successfully worldwide. Would you like to know more about the machines? Please contact us.