LBM Dual Side Labeling or Printing

Single or double-sided bag printing, label printing and attachment in one machine.

The LBM was designed to print and simultaneously label small bags. This way, Bomers Engineering offers a flexible, cost-saving and fast package solution. You can work at a tailor-made base of supply and demand. The machine is mostly used for the flour and powder industry and for the package of artificial fertilizer, the medical sector or for food supplements.

Various printing techniques can be built-in in this LBM.

Bomers Engineering has re-designed the LBM Dual Side Printing Labelling. This machine can label or print bags on both sides with a speed of 4000 bags per hour.


• High speed dual side labelling printing of bags or foils
• Labelling Flat pouch
• Stand-up bags
• Side gusset bags
• Flat bottom pouch plastic, paper or aluminum bags
• Solutions for tracking & tracing
• Prints in several colors possible
• Handling bags up to 600x600 mm
• Printing of barcodes, logos, date/time and batch information

Advantages of the LBM

• Low costs per print
• Applying both side labels with 4000 bags per hour!
• Flexibility in printing
• No stocks of pre-printed bags
• Send print assignments from network or internet
• For online support
• Precise placing of labels and prints

View the operation of the machine