Digitally print and process individual bags quickly and efficiently.

In order to print paper bags, transparent bags, aluminum bags and sheets/films quickly and efficiently, Bomers Engineering offers the BDM. Two colors and format bags can be used up to a format of 1000 x 1000 mm. The machine has a speed of 1000 pieces per hour and can serve several production lines print size of W 220 L600 mm.

Large bags printing

The BDM is very suitable for the industry. Printing a unique code and marking the bags are essential parts of the quality check process in this sector. The BDM machine makes batch information possible for every bag. This way you can print and process a large variety of paper bags at low costs. This will save you time and material.

Your benefits:

- Printing in several colors possible
- Machine can be attuned precisely to the customer’s demand
- No unnecessary stock and odd lots
- Decrease production costs
- Increase productivity
- Prints can be exchanged easily
- Can be programed locally and from the network
- Look at how the machine works