ZBM Compact

zbm-compactZBM Compact: processing of and printing on small sized bags

Do you want to print on small transparent bags, small paper bags or aluminium bags quickly and economically? You avoid leftovers and unnecessary stock with the mobile ZBM-compact. The flexible machine is small in size and prints and processes 300×400 mm bags at a rate of up to 1,500 bags per minute. Personal designs, unique codes and logos in various colours can be added with the ZBM-compact.

A variety of printing techniques

The ZBM-compact ensures a variety of printing options. Irrespective of whether you want to use the machine for drip bags or for foil bags, it is all possible with the ZBM-compact. Bomers Engineering builds the machine customised to your packaging and printing needs. The ZBM-compact is suitable for both large and small quantities.

Your benefits:

  • Low costs per print
  • Maximum flexibility for prints
  • No large stock of printed bags
  • Short readjustment times
  • Small client specific runs


Have a look at how the machine works


Do you have any questions regarding or are you interested in the ZBM compact?  Please contact us or view our flyer.