BDM machine


BDM machine: printing and processing bags quickly, efficiently and individually

Bomers Engineering offers the BDM for fast and efficient printing on paper bags, transparent bags, aluminium bags and foil. Two colours can be used up to a size of 1000 x 1000 mm. The machine can process more than one batch at a rate of 1,000 items an hour.

Printing large bags

The BDM is very suitable for industrial applications. Affixing a unique code and bag markings are essential issues in the quality control process in these lines of industry. The BDM machine gives batch information for every bag. Hence, it is possible to print and process a large variety of paper bags at low costs. This saves you time and resources.

Your benefits:

  • The possibility of multi-coloured prints
  • Machine can be tuned exactly to customer’s demands
  • No unnecessary stock and leftovers
  • Decrease in production cost
  • Increase in productivity
  • Quick changeover in the print
  • Programmable locally or from a network


Have a look at how the machine works