This machine prints exactly the number of bags you need, when you need them.

The BOMERS BDM-H printing machine ends the necessity to save pre-printed bags. This machine prints the exact number of bags that you need, and when you need them.

Apart from printing bags of various materials, we can also print sheets/films and carton.

The machine has straight, orderly lines and its sizes are 600 x 710 mm. You can manually implement BDM –H text, logos, barcodes, and variable data to be printed on various package material.

Different print formats can be easily prepared with label software and accordingly send from the printer to the machine.

The BDM-H is particularly suitable when a large diversity of prints in small numbers is required.

Instead of printing labels and applying them, the BDM-H machine can print directly on bags, sheets/films and cartons.

• Prints on plastic, paper and aluminum
• Possibilities for tracking & tracing solutions (real-time data transfer)
• Print in various colors
• Processed bags up to 350 x 400 mm
• Prints barcodes, logos, date/time and batch information in indelible ink
• Print is possible across basically the entire length of the bag